Long Island Korean Night Festival

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On this up comming september 22nd, JOA Production is preparing for Long Island Cultural Festuval.


This Festival, which has a theme of peace, is presenting a single album song by Eun Ji Kim, Your Years.


On this Festival which JOA Production has designed, has a huge meaning behind which no one can even think about.



Official Ceremony

Salute to the Flag

National Anthem – Han 2 G  & EunJi Kim

Opening Remark – President of KAPAC, DavidLee

Official Ceremony


MC. Sangmi Park


Samgomu – Three DrumsDance)


Salp`uri chum


Song Hui Lee  -- Korean Traditional Dance Performing ArtAssociation Director


Rock Vocalist  -- 2G Han


Tae Kwon Do Demonstration – Director Y.H.Park


Kpop Dance – Gang SunKim


Kiyomi --JapaneseAmerican singer/songwriter


Jpop Dance


Your Years -- Eun Ji Kim

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