NYC Passport to Taiwan Festival @ Union Sq

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 JOA Production is providing stage and Sound crue on

NYC Passport to Taiwan Festival @ Union Sq

2012/5/13 12PM - 5PM



This year is going to be the best Passport to Taiwan Festival EVER! 

We've got a treat for you! 

This is the first time our lineup includes bands 

straight from Taiwan. 

We are bringing you something you haven't heard before in the US: real "Taiwan rock" of Chairman 董事長樂團 and "Taiwan pop rock" of Red Flower紅花樂團.

In addition to these two amazing bands from Taiwan, the other bands we have in store for you just returned from a tour of Taiwan during April, starting with the renowned Spring Scream festival. Crazy hip hop beatbox group "Three Sheet", Eric Hsu of the alternative rock band "Johnny Hi-Fi," and New York City's own "The Hsu-Nami" will complete a program that you won't want to miss! What more can you ask for?!

11:30 Church Service/ TAA-NY Chorus

12:00 Opening Ceremony 

12:20 Dulan Mountain Theater

12:50 Isaiah Richardson

01:10 Red Flower 紅花樂團

02:00 Three Sheet

02:55 Chairman 董事長樂團

03:50 Hsu-Nami 

04:30 Giga Herb

The Chairman Band 董事長樂團 (Taiwan)

The Chairman, formed in 1997, has released 8 albums, and received numerous domestic and overseas awards. The Chairman is famed for its particular Taiwanese local rock and roll style and has dominated the Taiwan music industry for years. The Chairman has been nominated and won awards including Golden Melody Awards and Golden Indie Awards in Taiwan. They were also invited to perform at 2011 Taiwan Heritage Night at the Mets Citi Field, the first Taiwan live band to perform at any Major League Baseball. The Chairman’s facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/chairman.taiwan 

Red Flower 紅花樂團 (Taiwan)

Emerging band Red Flower straddles the murky line between pop and indie band. Red Flower Band was found in 2005 and since then, two tracks have become TV drama theme songs including “Love Second Time Around” makes a nod to 1980s happy-go-lucky rock, while “Pillow Talk” veers into atmospheric slow rock redolent of Coldplay. Red Flower Band facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedFlowerBand

The Hsu-Nami (New York city) 

An international renowned prog-rock band from the United States. The Hsu-Nami. Integrates an amplified electric ”erhu”, a tweaked two-string spike fiddle used in Chinese classical and folk music, into a rock lineup. The band typically compose lengthy erhu melodic-based instrumental pieces that feature dynamic contrast, heavy guitar riffs, melodic bass guitar lines and trading solo. Part of the new-fusion rock movement, the Hsu-Nami redefines the 1960s and 1970s progressive fusion rock music. Hsu-Nami's Facebook: http://www.hsu-nami.com/

Three Sheet (Canada)

Tour the whole country of Taiwan with 2012 "Hello Taiwan Tour" this past April. Three Sheet is a five member, genre-bending power house with a firm base in hip hop and backed by 100% beatbox percussion. With a highly portable composition of 3 microphones, a guitar, and a bass, Three Sheet is known for their mind-melting organic sound with no samples, no loops and no synthesized drums. Three Sheet's Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Three-Sheet/74256272845

Eric Hsu of Johnny Hi-Fi

With appearances on the House of Blues Tour, the Beijing Pop Festival, MTV, Billboard Magazine, CBS News, and the NY Times, Johnny Hi-Fi has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, with their haunting melodies and singer songwriter sensibility, fused with an alternative rock edge. Johnny Hi-Fi's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JohnnyHiFiband

Isaiah Richardson 

Isaiah Richardson, famous street jazz saxophone player. he first got the whole nation of Taiwan's attention by performing Taiwanese tunes in the subway of New York and post it on on video site which made him became a youtube sensation. https://www.facebook.com/brownricefamily

Giga Herbs (New York city)

Nestled in between thoughts that manifest themselves into songs about forlorn goddesses of the information age and magical dragons powering a local ferryboat. Mystical, middle-earth, space rock inside your computer would be the best summation. Giga Herb's Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Giga-Herbs/147297825370523

Sound and Coordinator : by  JOA Production A-Key

Stage hand and Sound by JOA Production Jinji Takano, Eddie Chul Lee, Seong Hwan Kang and Jinwon Sung

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